King 2.0/2.5 Air Shocks


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*KING Shocks excel at custom orders, and all shock are made specific to you. Call us at 812.623.3473 for details*




Air shocks have been around for a long time. King’s quality materials, unique design features and precise tolerances are what set King’s air shocks apart. King air shocks offer infinite height and pressure settings in addition to King’s easily adjustable valving. Tubular, hard chromed shafts further reduce the weight and urethane seals insure proper sealing and long life. The quality of King’s internal sealing allows you to set-up your air shock to also function as a bumpstop if needed.

100% made in the USA under the strictest tolerances from the highest quality materials obtainable. Easily tunable and serviceable with simple hand tools.


  • Gun drilled shaft for weight reduction
  • 1 ¼ inch shaft for superior strength
  • Shafts are polished for superior sealing
  • Large heavy duty spherical bearing
  • Billet Schrader Cover
  • Billet cap for strength and durability
  • Protects valve from rocks and other debris
  • Extra seal helps maintain gas pressure incase of valve leak
  • Easy ride height adjustments are made by changing air pressure
  • Triple element seals
  • Longest lasting urethane compound available
  • 2,000lb rated urethane seals


Note: If you are outside the Continental U.S. the shipping costs may vary. The estimate is just that, the ACTUAL cost may be higher or lower depending on location and quantity purchased.


Part# Description Weight Compressed length Extended length
PR2006-ASNR 2.0 x 6″ Airshock 5.50    
PR2008-ASNR 2.0 x 8″ Airshock 6.00 16.120 24.120
PR2010-ASNR 2.0 x 10″ Airshock 7.00 18.120 28.120
PR2012-ASNR 2.0 x 12″ Airshock 8.00 20.630 32.630
PR2014-ASNR 2.0 x 14″ Airshock 9.00 22.630 36.630
PR2016-ASNR 2.0 x 16″ Airshock 10.00 24.630 40.630
PR2506-ASNR 2.5 x 6″ Airshock      
PR2508-ASNR 2.5 x 8″ Airshock      
PR2510-ASNR 2.5 x 10″ Airshock   19.100 29.100
PR2512-ASNR 2.5 x 12″ Airshock   21.100 33.100
PR2514-ASNR 2.5 x 14″ Airshock   23.034 37.034
PR2516-ASNR 2.5 x 16″ Airshock 14.00 25.784 41.784


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