PRP Universal Steel Replacement RZR Seat Mounts (Pair)



When your plastic stock mounts crack or break, replace them PRP’s steel RZR seat mount.
Now compatible with your stock RZR slider!
Will work with extra-wide seats.
Latch housing included (no latch spring or handle).


  • Designed to be a replacement for your plastic seat base.
    • Does NOT lower your seat
    • Will ALSO work with your extra-wide seats
  • Includes seat bases and latch housing
    • Must use your current seat mount latch, spring and bolts.
  • Allows you to use your 570/800/XP900 seats in a newer XP 1000 or S 900 and vice versa.
  • Fits the following:
    • XP1000
    • S900
    • XP900
    • 800
    • 570


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