Rugged Radios Pyrotect Pro Airflow Side Air Race Helmet (XXXL)




The Pyrotect ‘Pro Airflow’ helmet is SA2015 rated and offered here in XXXL only. Thoughtfully engineered with communications in mind, the interior features a dedicated mic enclosure while the ear pockets feature a vented covering for maximum helmet kit audio performance.

Pyrotect’s Patented SA2015 Pro Airflow composite helmets are unmatched by the competition. The Pro Airflow SA2015 helmets come with a unique six pad interior system which allows for resizing the helmet for a perfect fit along with corrugated ridges which allows for better heat transfer to keep you cooler and reduce fogging. The Pro Airflow helmets are vacuumed bagged and autoclave cured for superior helmet strength and durability while keeping the helmet as light as possible.


Rugged Radios


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