About Sunfire Off-Road

"Unfortunately ... FUNNY as it may sound, my ‘hobbies’ were cutting into my work schedule!", laughs Scott Morris (founder of SunFire Off-Road). After making several bosses in the business world wealthy, Scott became fed up with the corporate lifestyle and went out on his own practicing independent financial consulting. He says, "Then, at this point my interest and success in off-road activities helped spur me to combine my independent career with my passion, thus creating SunFire Off-Road in 2003."

As a native of Southeast Indiana, Scott grew up with a passion for all things off-road. For 36 years, he has been involved with Baja buggies, Rock Crawlers, trucks and Jeeps, rail buggies and motorcycles/UTVs. Business school excellence at Indiana University carried him through the years as an entrepreneur ... becoming trained and mastering welding/fabrication while building competition and recreational 4WD’s and restoring classic 4x4s augmented the process. Working hard has allowed Scott and crew to play hard as well. The SunFire crew adds, "Pursuing endless weekends at four wheel drive parks, racing in the SCORE Desert Racing Series in Baja Mexico, competing in Top Truck Challenge and The King of Hammers has been gratifying and exhilarating!"

Truth, SunFire Off-Road has been the result of much hard work, but starting this business has been fun and exciting as well. Work ethic and customer experience is the way it WILL continue. Nothing is taken for granted and no corners are cut! Scott and his experienced crew know, " The shop provides a different approach…this isn’t an automotive parts store…this isn’t a ‘Cookie Cutter’ Off-Road Franchise. We listen to our customers, ask questions and understand needs and wants. We react with sound, honest advice and work with the customer to get them the right part and/or service every time!”

SunFire offers many specialized parts that other shops don’t "mess with" or even understand, then they try to have them in stock so lead times are diminished. Many customers from across the country have allowed SunFire to help them build their dreams and succeed. It can be very challenging knowing what parts to buy and how to make them work, but with SunFire's help anything is possible!

SunFire Off-Road has proved that from humble beginnings come great things. They have worked with and supported some of the elite off-road racers and race teams across all racing platforms. These platforms include Pulling Trucks, Top Truck, Rock Crawling, Rock Racing, Rock Bouncing, Ultra4 and Desert Racing. SunFire Off-Road has made their mark providing parts and services that helped propel Danny Rohrer’s dominance in W.E.Rock, to Tim Cameron’s reign in SRRS, to Jeff Caudill’s consistency in Ultra4 racing.

SunFire Off-Road will continue to strive for future excellence in customer service, part selection and availability, and in-house repairs and project builds. Thanks for checking out SunFire Off-Road for your needs!